Speaker Type          :3 way  floorstanding  loudspeaker
Sensitivity             : 86.5 dB / 1W1m
Nominal Impendance    :  4 ohm . 3.2ohm min
Crossover Frequency    : 2.1 k Hz. 55 Hz
Frequency Response    : 27.5-40000 Hz. 20Hz -3dB
Power Handing        : 250W RMS ( 350 watts peak )
Dimensions(H×W×D)  : 1302×400× 550 mm
Weight / PC              :  82 kg 
1 x 25.4mm  pure Beryllium Diaphragm tweeter
1 x 7” Patented Sandwich Paper Cone with Under-Hung Neodymium Motor midwoofer
2 x 260 mm Rigid Paper Cone , Patented Symmetrical  Drive Motor woofer

1. whole band really designed speakers:

            The audible range of the human ear is generally defined as 20 ~ 20000 Hz, this frequency band is also included in the instrument can be substantially

            Band issued, RASA is a minority can achieve true full-range speakers, his average efficiency of 85.2dB

            27 Hz ~ 25000 Hz, in a very low frequency of 20 Hz efficiency can reach 83.5 dB, thereby achieving a 20 ~ 20000 Hz band of plus or minus 3dB full performance capabilities.


2. low-resonance cabinet design:

                  RASA at the box structure, using a super high rigidity Finnish birch plywood and wood thickness of high-temperature synthetic rubber

                  42mm cabinet panels. Sheet having high rigidity such excellent characteristics and quality, due to the different densities

                  Material, so the tank resonant frequency is obtained the greatest degree of dispersion and absorption in the design to be adopted no parallel surfaces. Boxes sound almost inaudible.


3.treble adjustable suspension shock phase structure:

                   RASA structure on the treble developed a new suspension structure that features follows a: increase the treble

                   Overall quality and balanced center of gravity unit b:.. Special order high vibration absorption, high resistance Teflon rubber round

                   -Apron c. Adjust treble overall configuration phase in the structure under the action of the treble frequency intermodulation distortion

                   Can be as low as 10 Hz or less. Phase distortion caused by the displacement of monomer is also approaching zero direct reaction to the real sense of hearing

                  The volume of messages will feel unusually rich texture of each instrument clear audio sound field stability obvious.


The above three points is the core of the body RASA several features (in fact, difficult to achieve), others such as each monomer has its independent and high-order crossover network, the monomer is at this stage the world's highest quality products. particularly exclusive design accessories, all aluminum cutting out high rigidity monomer nets, etc., these people have done to, but we require a relatively high only,



Speaker cabinet design. Pay attention to nothing more than a woofer speaker volume with mutual coupling and wavelength. And the most important cabinet vibration control.


On the speaker volume is set, if it is a square box, then also need to pay attention to the frequency of resonance parallel faces inside the box (also known as a standing wave) caused by the proportion of the most perfect of 0.618: 1: 1.618 in. Under the golden ratio is the lowest resonant wavelength.

But in the speaker cabinet design practices, especially beautiful and also meet the following requirements. It is very difficult to achieve this ratio. Therefore, the general will ask in the length of the box can not be divisible by three sides (including mutual back except not as X. 5). Thus, although the same can not be like the golden ratio exempt out interference caused by parallel surfaces wavelength resonance brings, but still effectively inhibit the resonance wavelength interference parallel plane brought. root of the problem of the law of course, is not parallel to the surface and spend the appropriate structural reinforcement to constitute speaker box so that you can achieve the lowest resonance, but also the highest cost of course.


Shock in the box set. Usually requires shock better. This is the right direction, but non-unique direction in speaker design, is nothing more than to control the vibration of variables. The box body shake this variable to do the minimum, of course, more clearly to demand and control in the other variables. But like I said this is not the only direction. just like we as a conventional bass reflex tube. cabinet shake Voices can also be fine-tuning features, as early AR-3a generally no calculated box staining it would not appeal as excellent low frequency (of course, is the product of that era to compare) control the vibration frequency Case is lower than the shock of the box is easier to create a meet on sound suitable for use in the above bookshelf speaker Large speaker because the resonance energy is very large, it will make a very strong harmonic box so strong and low harmonic shock box type required.


About treble suspension structure, essentially in the general design of the tweeter horn are directly locked in the box so that the tweeter must be directly affected by the cabinet vibration interference while generating intermodulation distortion with some numbers to do the following a simple explanation

Speed ​​of sound in air at room temperature is about 340m / sec. Under the frequency 20000Hz wavelength of 0.017 meters, equivalent to 17 mm. A full wavelength of 360 degrees. 1 mm of displacement will produce 21.1 degrees out of phase. That is how staggering figure.


You might say I hear 20,000 Hz. It also has a 10,000 Hz to 10.5 degrees difference Displacement and many more housing in large volume of motions that will produce not just one millimeter. And displacement is also generated Nonlinear. So it is difficult to imagine the complexity of it. It has not been included in the cabinet resonance frequency generated by the ringing phenomenon will impact it. So isolation shock tweeter is highly desirable. Unless your cabinet is resonance and the quality is not great.


 . On the way to solve this problem, our predecessors made a lot of solutions. For example the tweeter with another independent packing box. This is a good way bass resonance frequency isolation. But if still on the bass cabinet on. That will inevitably be followed by bass cabinet displacement problem.


DIVINI patent MSDS treble suspension structure with high damping suspension structure plus the weight off the treble structure effectively suppresses the resonance phenomenon and displacement resulting intermodulation distortion and virtual work because of interference generated by reduced distortion So smooth timbre extending Energy full. can convey a more complete musical atmosphere.


RASA is DIVINI AUDIO with the highest standards, the most reasonable structure. In up to three years of testing, the resulting out of the outstanding products, we are confident that it can bring you the highest quality of musical performance is also waiting for your appreciation.





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